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Story Surprise! With Anthony and Lauren Story Surprise! (special edition) - I am Unique - 'I’ve Got Spots' | Vitiligo Video for Kids Story Surprise! - Stories, music, craft and art.


Fun for the young and the young at heart! Mums and Dads, kick back and relax! We’re here to provide your family with the fun, educational, creatively stimulating screen time you’ve been looking for!


Lauren and Anthony are professional performers and children's entertainers from Melbourne, Australia! This episode is for anyone who has ever felt different. It’s time to celebrate being unique!


Today’s episode coincides with World Vitiligo Day! Vitiligo is a condition where the skin loses its pigment resulting in white patches on the skin. This condition gives each person a special pattern making them unique to everyone else in the entire world! Lauren has vitiligo! Today, Lauren, Anthony & Teddy Bear Mick are proud to dedicate this Story Surprise to kids with vitiligo, and any child who has ever felt different!


In today’s episode we get to perform a brand new song. It’s called ‘I’ve Got Spots’ by Mr Nick Davio and Danielle Wheeler. This catchy tune is all about vitiligo and celebrating our differences. It’s a fabulous resource for kids with vitiligo to sing and celebrate their uniqueness. It’s also a fun way to share information and spread vitiligo awareness with family and friends. Sing-a-long! It’s incredibly catchy!


‘I’ve Got Spots’ is also a book written by Danielle Wheeler & illustrated by Jennifer Ferguson. This special book is an uplifting tale of a child embracing their uniqueness! It’s a book for any kid who has ever felt different. You can get your copy of the book on Apple Books -


Check out the song on Spotify! -​ Danielle, Nick and Jennifer, we can’t thank you enough for entrusting your incredible material to us!


Teaming up with you is a dream and we are so proud to work with you to encourage kids to own their uniqueness and celebrate! In the episode we also show off our new colouring sheet. We would like to thank Adam Perryman for creating this for our community!


Our motto this week is “I AM AMAZING, I AM STRONG, I AM UNIQUE”. We encourage you to say it loud and proud! We have created this colouring sheet for kids to decorate and put up on their walls as a reminder of how special they are! Because EVERY child is unique, we will be featuring a copy of EVERYONE’S colouring in sheets on the Craft O’Clock wall. Get an adult to take a photo of it and email to Speaking of Craft O’Clock, today’s segment is unique!


It features the beautiful vitiligo inspired artwork by Kinlee from America, Avelyn from Canada and Grace from Australia. These girls have never met but have at least one thing in common - they all have vitiligo! We are so proud of these amazing, strong, unique kids who put their hand up to celebrate their spots with us on the episode. Stick around all the way to the end to watch their special video messages about why they are proud to be unique! Well, that’s all folks. Happy World Vitiligo Day!


This episode was produced with lots of heart and soul by Anthony and Lauren. Every child has moments where they feel outcast or alone. Today we take a moment to celebrate the things that make us stand out in the crowd. No child left behind!

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